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What is Mitochondrial Bio-Energy Testing® ?

Mitochondrial Bio-Energy Testing is perhaps one of the most important tools in Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation. It involves a stress test conducted at our clinic that measures how well the mitochondria in your cells are working. Every cell in your body contains thousands of tiny bubble-like structures that are called mitochondria. The mitochondrion is known as the powerhouse of our cells. In the mitochondria, oxygen is converted to energy by burning fat and sugar. Nothing is more critical to your overall health than optimal mitochondrial function. Every single aspect of your physiology from your ability to heal to your very thoughts themselves are 100% dependent on energy production. Poor mitochondrial function is the root cause of every disease, obesity, and even the very process of aging itself. Assuring that the mitochondria are functioning optimally can greatly enhance overall health and quality of life.

There are a lot of diagnostic machines used by healthcare practitioners that use the terminology “bio-energy”. Do not confuse these with Mitochondrial Bio-Energy Testing. Most of these are marketed to various types of healthcare practitioners to assist the practitioner in selling supplements. Mitochondrial Bio-Energy Testing is vastly different from these machines and can only be provided by specially trained doctors.

Bio-Energy Testing® involves the computer-assisted testing of a person at rest and during progressively more difficult exercises to measure how much oxygen the body uses and how much carbon dioxide the body is producing at a given time. The reasons that the Bio-Energy Testing analyzer measures oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production are:

  • Oxygen consumption directly determines mitochondrial efficiency
  • Carbon dioxide production determines fat metabolism
  • Optimum carbohydrate intake is determined by the ratio of oxygen consumption to carbon dioxide production
  • Overall strength is determined by the amount of work you are capable of per unit of energy produced

A series of measurements are taken throughout the exercise program. The Bio-Energy Testing® computer program then calculates:

  1. Your resting mitochondrial efficiency
  2. Your resting fat metabolism
  1. Your maximal mitochondrial efficiency
  2. Your maximal fat metabolism

The test can also determine:

  1. Your optimum carbohydrate intake
  2. Your optimum caloric intake
  3. Your lung function
  4. Your heart function
  5. Your overall strength
  6. Your optimum exercise levels
  7. Your Biological Age

The Bio-Energy Testing analyzer sorts and analyzes an enormous amount of data and calculates your energy production dynamics under both basal and exercise conditions. Bio-Energy Testing algorithms present the results of these calculations in a way that can have immediate clinical relevance.

If your mitochondrial functioning is optimal, congratulations! If not, the information from Bio-Energy Testing can be used to determine what you need to do to optimize your energy production to youthful levels.

Who should have a Bio-Energy Test?

  • People who believe that it is important to monitor their health so that they can make adjustments when needed before a health condition causes a challenge
  • People who want to live optimally and finish out their lives in “great shape,” free in large part from dependence on large amounts of medications and free from the incapacity, limitations, and diseases that are so frequently affect the elderly

What is Aging?

  • Aging is different from getting older due to the passage of time. “Aging” is a medical term that refers to the progressive physical and mental deterioration that occurs as we get older.
  • While aging is inevitable, the dramatic rate and extent of aging that is commonly seen today is not.
  • The rate and extent of aging is solely dependent on energy production.
  • Anti-aging specialists have long considered decreased energy production to be the result of the aging process, but it has been demonstrated that decreased energy production is not a result of aging, but in fact is the cause of it! Decreased energy production occurs long before any sign or symptom of disease or aging.
  • By maintaining youthful energy production as you grow older, you will be able to dramatically slow down your body’s aging process.

The Energy Deficit Theory of Aging and Disease

Degenerative disease and aging are preceded by a decrease in energy production.

  • It is this decrease in energy production that causes degenerative disease and aging
  • Decreased energy production results from two commonly occurring states:
    1. Decreased fat metabolism
    2. Decreased mitochondrial efficiency. Note that the mitochondria are the parts of the cell in which oxygen is converted to energy.
  • The processes involved in aging and degenerative disease can be decelerated and even reversed by altering these two states to increase energy production
  • By measuring energy production dynamics Bio-Energy Testing® can determine what is required to increase your energy production to optimal levels

Armed with information from your assessment, you and the team at the Advanced Rejuvenation Institute can established a targeted, individualized nutritional, hormonal, dietary, and exercise program.

Patients who receive a protocol for improving their mitochondrial energy efficiency generally respond rapidly once they have implemented the program. Within six months, a person’s biological age measurement can be reduced by over 20 years and patients report feeling and performing on a much higher level than they have experienced for years.

Currently available anti-aging strategies can be very effective. While the staff at the Advanced Rejuvenation Institute devotes most of its time to taking care of sick people, we recognize that improving vitality and preventing disease so that a patient never gets sick is a lot better than even the most remarkable cure.

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